Driving Industrial Solutions

About us

DrivesINmotion was founded by Peter Kiggen

Our history

  • DrivesINmotion was created to Drive Industrial Solutions for the North American market by representing market leading Industrial Automation & Renewable Energy companies.

    Peter also worked with the ANSI B77.1 Electrical Sub-Committee for Passenger Ropeways to design safety standards for Motion Control Systems for the Ski & People moving industry.

  • Peter also played a major role in the successful launch of Emerson’s Industrial Automation Renewable Energy Solution’s for North America and was responsible for the first large Utility Scale Solar PV project deployment in California.

  • After 50 years of experience in Industrial Automation from Paper & Pulp to Aluminum & Steel manufacturing, Peter Kiggen found his second successful business.

What we do


Peter firmly believes that leading edge electronic technology solutions for all industries will be the major building blocks for the future resulting in substantial global manufacturing growth.